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Switching between video and telephone from the toolbar

The video consultation functionality in your eConsult toolbar now allows you to easily transition between video and phone consultations all from the Consult Now screen.

If you're struggling with a video consultation due to signal or would like a visual observation of the patient you're quickly able to swap from video to phone or vice versa.

Initiating your call

Once you click the 'Call' icon on the toolbar, you'll be on Consult Now where you're able to either phone the patient or send an instant link for a video consultation.

For a telephone consultation enter the patient's phone number and select either 'This Computer' to use audio from your computer or 'My Number' to use either your own mobile or landline (your number will not be shared). Then press 'Start Call'.

If you have chosen to use your computer you will see the following screen, please ensure you give permission for any pop up requesting access to your microphone.

During the call, you're able to mute, hang up and also upgrade to video by simply pressing the video icon.

This will then send a link to the patient using the same number originally input for them to join.

Patient waiting room

The clinician will see a holding screen till the patient joins. If you were to select a video call originally on the Consult Now page this is the first screen you would see.

Once the patient has joined the clinician can enter the video consultation.

Switch to another consultation method

In the video consultation, patients and clinicians can share files and pictures, clinicians can add additional guests and also transfer to a phone call seamlessly.

To transfer to a phone call from the video consultation, just press the ringing phone icon on the Meetings toolbar.

You will then need to confirm that you want to switch between and click 'Call'.

If you were in a telephone call and wanted to switch to a video call, you would need to press the video icon. A similar message would pop up and you'd need to confirm.

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