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eConsult roadmap, request and improvements

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What is the eConsult roadmap?

eConsult is constantly evolving and our vision for the product is shaped by conversations with customers and members of the primary care community. Our roadmap is a communication tool between our team and yours.

We’ve set out the initiatives we’re working on so that you can share your feedback, input on our thinking and help to develop the eConsult that supports you. Our roadmap is just one way to input into the eConsult community!

How to interact with our roadmap

We’ve split our primary care roadmap into these sections:

  1. Released: Big-ticket items and features that you can access now

  2. In progress: Things we’re working on – now, next or later on down the road

  3. Under consideration: Ideas and problems that we’re actively exploring

We've also got a running log of updates by yearly quarters here.

How you can contribute to our roadmap?

Each item on our roadmap keeps you updated about what we’re planning. We’d love for you to let us know how important some of these features are to you, and what impact this will have on your practice and patients.

We ask for your email address so we can verify your suggestions and keep you updated as the feature evolves.

Something missing? Tell us!

Click the ‘Submit new idea’ button on the top right-hand corner and let us know what you’d like to be able to do and how it would help you.

If you have any questions or you feel that this article could be improved, please feel free to give us some feedback by emailing us, pressing the emojis below or using the chat button on the bottom right-hand side of this page to speak to one of the eConsult team.

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