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October - December 2021

  • New

  • Updated

    • Adult: Leg Problem; Urine Problem - updated in response to clinical feedback.

    • Various Accessibility and bug fixes.

July - September 2021

  • New

    • Demand management features [phased roll-out].

      • Make eConsult available only during practice hours (08:00 to 18:30, Monday to Friday).

      • Ability to turn off eConsults for the rest of the day or temporarily.

    • Toolbar features

  • Updated

    • Inclusion of reference to poison, anaphylactic shock and seizures in the emergency disclaimer.

    • Paediatric Rash, Spots & Skin Problems; temperature question & burn update following clinical feedback and improved photo-taking instructions.

    • The adult body map was updated to include additional clinical templates.

    • Adult and Paediatric contraception templates.

    • Unwell Child and Unwell Baby had their temperature and burn questions updated following clinical feedback.

    • Amendment to BMI min. and max. range to match NHS guidelines.

    • Adult Bites and Stings - updated flagging.

    • Paediatric: Vomiting and Diarrhoea; Sore Throat; Cold or Flue; Testicular Problem; Eye Problems - updated temperature questions in response to clinical feedback.

    • Paediatric Mental Health - updated in response to clinical feedback.

    • Adult Breathing Problems - updated in response to clinical feedback.

April - June 2021

  • New

    • Adult Skin Moles.

    • Ability to show different self-help content based on the nation (initially for Scotland).

    • All Review conditions are now available on the NHS App.

    • Ability to call patients from your computer, over the internet, via Click to Call on the eConsult Toolbar.

  • Updated

    • Added a 'prefer not to say' option for the gambling question in Adult Administrative Care.

    • Post Consult Messaging look and feel.

    • Structure of all Primary Care questions.

    • MOD - Adult and Paediatric administrative questionnaires.

    • Self-help call to action changed to “I want to read self-help advice”.

    • Adult and Paediatric Ear Problems - NICE guidelines; clinical feedback.

    • Adult Rash, Spots and Skin problems - updated flagging.

January - March 2021

  • New

    • Limb and Joint Problems condition grouping.

    • Long Term Condition Depression and/or Anxiety Review.

    • Paediatric Contraception - accessible to 16 and 17-year-olds completing for themselves, or for parents completing on behalf of a child (6 months up to 18 years of age).

    • Paediatric Mental Health questionnaire (6 months up to 18 years of age).

  • Updated

    • Adult General Advice - improved the patient journey; NICE guidelines.

    • Adult Back Problems - includes STarT scoring.

    • Questionnaires under Limb and Joint Problems - pain score revised to reduce inappropriate redirects and introduced photo upload functionality.

    • Adult and Paediatric Administrative Advice - improved pathways.

    • eConsult toolbar installer is now 'signed', meaning that its source is now noted as a verified and safe provider, no longer triggering warning alerts on your system.

    • Video calls now have a 'blur background' option.

  • Replacements

    • Adult Abdominal Pain replaces Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

    • Adult Heartburn and Indigestion replaces separate Heartburn and Indigestion questionnaires.

    • Adult Urine Problems replaces several urine problem-related questionnaires for both men and women.

    • Adult Vaginal Problems replaces several women's health questionnaires to improve the patient experience.

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