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Activating the eConsult Health Partner API

Click on the EMIS Orb and navigate to EMIS 'System Tools' and then 'EMAS Manager'.

On the left-hand bar, select the 'Partner API' section. From the 'Partner API' list, select ‘eConsult Health’, or this may display as ‘eConsult Messaging’.

From the header bar click 'Activate application'.

Authenticating users

With 'eConsult Health' selected and from this same header bar, click on 'Edit Users'. Select every user who you want to authenticate to use the eConsult toolbar with EMIS.

You also need to click on "Login access" in the same header. For each user you authenticated in the previous step, you'll need to activate both "Auto Login" and "Allow Login" before clicking 'OK'.

Connecting the toolbar with your EMIS Org ID

You may need to update your toolbar version (as suggested by the toolbar itself) and then log out and back in to see the 'EMIS Org ID' field.

Your toolbar version should be 1.12.1 or higher if it’s updated. If it’s a lower number than that, it hasn’t updated itself yet. To find out what version of the toolbar you have at the moment, right-click on the three dots and go to “Settings”.

When you log into the eConsult toolbar, you'll need to make sure you include your 'EMIS Org ID' which can be found on the EMIS login screen.

Finally, you need to Activate New Partner Product on the machine (this is a one time process that requires your EMIS username and Password). You'll see a window on your EMIS Web instance that looks something like this:

Smartcards can't be used to activate the product, so you will need to use your username and password. If you're not sure what your username and password are, you'll need to follow your normal process for gaining access to these (most likely contacting your IT department)

Once you've entered your details you should see this message if the activation has been successful:

If you're having any problems when you reach the toolbar login stage and wish to continue without the EMIS integration, you can click the 'Disable EMIS' button to continue without for the moment.

FAQs and troubleshooting

I don’t know my EMIS Org ID

  • When launching EMIS Web, you’ll see it on the login page just above the 'Sign In' button.

  • When EMIS Web is already open, you may see it on the far right of the text in the header bar of the application.

I can’t remember my EMIS Username and Password, I usually use a SmartCard.

Unfortunately, we can only use a username and password, and can’t use a smart card to get this activation working. You have two options:

  • Contact your IT department and enquire about obtaining these credentials

  • Click ‘Disable EMIS’ on the Toolbar login screen to proceed without EMIS integration for the moment

I clicked “Disable EMIS” because at the time I didn’t know my details/didn’t want to set it up yet. Now I’m ready to enable it

If you right-click to open the options, choose 'Settings', then click 'Enable EMIS', you can set it up.

EMIS is running and logged in, but the Toolbar login window still says “Please log in to EMIS”

You may have missed the step of our guide that requires you to go to “Login Access” and check both boxes beside specific users.

I can’t input my details into the “Activate New Partner Product” screen. The text I write keeps disappearing and new authentication windows keep spawning.

On the afternoon of Tuesday 17th August, we put out a hotfix that should prevent this issue. If you're seeing this, you might not have launched the toolbar since then, so it hasn’t had a chance to update.

If you launch the toolbar and keep it open on the login screen for just a minute or two, in the background it will fetch the update. If you quit and restart the toolbar, it should launch with the updated version that doesn’t show that issue.

If 1-2 minutes isn’t enough, you may just have a very slow internet connection, and it requires more time to quietly fetch that update in the background!

I am being presented with this screen but nothing comes up after clicking 'Log in'

Make sure EMIS is running and logged in, for the screen to appear. Alternatively, click Disable EMIS to continue without for the moment.

I receive the message “Cannot connect to EMIS Web, EMIS API failed when calling clinical system. Method initializewithID. error” on the login screen

Make sure EMIS is running and logged in for the screen to appear. Alternatively, click Disable EMIS to continue without for the moment.

These questions relate specifically to how to set up your toolbar with EMIS - if you have any other toolbar questions, please check our more generic toolbar FAQ and troubleshooting article.

If you have any questions or you feel that this article could be improved, please feel free to give us some feedback. You can do this by emailing us, pressing the emojis below or using the chat button on the bottom right-hand side of this page to speak to one of the eConsult team.

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