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What is the eConsult toolbar?

Our toolbar allows you to respond more quickly to your patients by email, SMS, video or telephone. It sits above your clinical system to help save you time when responding to patients. Once it is downloaded it will start when your computer does.

How can the toolbar make eConsult management easier?

The free eConsult toolbar allows you to seamlessly:

Find out more about responding to patients and the different channels you can use - all available from the toolbar!

We’re also working on the ability for you to view and manage eConsults directly from within the toolbar!

How to download and install the toolbar

  • Install and set up in less than 5 minutes.

  • Install the toolbar on every PC used in the practice.

You may need to contact your IT support if you're unable to download the toolbar yourself.

Having a problem with the toolbar? Visit our troubleshooting page.

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