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What is Healthinote?

Healthinote offers a quick and easy way to access clear, reliable health information, from trusted sources including the NHS. It delivers easy to understand, engaging patient information.

When responding to a patient via eConsult, clinicians have instant access to a wealth of patient information to enhance the response and empower the patient to better understand and manage their health.

Through the provision of reliable, visual, immersive and interactive content, Healthinote works to improve the care doctors can give to patients remotely. With 43% of people finding current health information difficult to understand, the content that Healthinote provides will be vital as we move to more ‘digital’ and ‘remote’ care.

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How to send rich information via Healthinote

The Healthinote search function is available for email post-consult messages at the moment. You can access this via a browser, or via the toolbar.

This summary image shows you all the possible steps for including this information from the eConsult toolbar.

Where to find the Healthinote search bar

When writing a response to your patient, you can access the Healthinote content where you see the Healtinote logo. This screenshot also shows you what the message to the patient would look like. The link sent to the patient is a shortened link so that it can be sent via email or SMS, but it is also sent with context about what the patient should do with that link.


How many Healthinote links can I send in each message?

You can insert as many items as you like into the message. These will appear as links that the patient can access when they open the message on their phone or computer. Once inserted you can send the message.

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