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Toolbar FAQs and troubleshooting

Common questions and considerations for the eConsult toolbar

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This article covers:

Installation questions and issues

I have been stopped by the Microsoft Defender Smart-Screen

If you are stopped by Microsoft Defender Smart-Screen click ‘More info’ and then ‘Run anyway’.

Agree to the terms and conditions and then complete the installation process and click ‘Finished’.

My computer says I am unable to run the application

If your computer says you are unable to run the application, then please check the name of the file you have downloaded. It should end with .exe.

If it does not end with .exe, then you will need to:

  • Right-click on the file

  • Select 'Properties;

  • At the top, add '.exe' to the end of the file name and click 'Apply'

  • Double-click on the renamed file to start it.

You / your IT team might need to make sure you have access to the domains that are used by the toolbar:

The ports are HTTP and HTTPS ports (port 80 and 443)

Where is the toolbar installed, and what access does the folder need?

The toolbar will be installed in a folder called 'C:\eConsult'.

This folder will need access to the internet.

We have more than one site; can I download the toolbar more than once?

Yes, you will need to install and configure the toolbar for each computer used in each practice and any laptops that you want staff to be able to access the toolbar from.

Does the toolbar need to be installed per computer or by every user of that computer?

The toolbar is installed machine-wide, any user that uses a computer where the toolbar has been installed can use it.

When opening video consultations a firewall alert pops up.

Some users might find that there is a firewall alert the first time that they open up the instant video feature.

You will need to select 'Private networks' and then click 'Allow access'.

Can the MSI installer be run in quiet mode?

Yes, the MSI installer should automatically run in quiet mode.

Configuration questions and issues

What is my Practice Message ID or eConsult ID?

There are several ways to find these details:

  1. Find a recent eConsult PDF report and look at the top right of the report, above the eConsult logo.

Please note that both the Practice Message ID and eConsult ID are case sensitive.

What happens if I entered the wrong practice information during installation?

If you entered the wrong Practice Message ID or eConsult ID, you can change this by right-clicking on the ‘3 vertical dots’ on the left of the toolbar to bring up the settings.

You can then re-enter your practice details - remember these are case sensitive

My verification code has not arrived

Once you've entered the practice message ID and eConsult ID you'll then receive an email with a 6 digit alphanumeric verification code. The email address is sent from, please ensure you check your spam/junk box if it has not arrived.

I'm unable to hear anything when making a call via the toolbar

Please ensure you have unblocked the IPs detailed on this page:

I am presented with the error “The given key was not present in the dictionary” when trying to launch the toolbar

This is usually caused by a step having been missed with the EMIS integration setup. Refer to this page and ensure you have followed all the steps mentioned under ‘Activating the eConsult Health Partner API’ and ‘Authenticating users’.

Practical questions and issues

How do I minimise the toolbar?

To minimise the toolbar, right-click on the ‘4 vertical dots’ on the left of the toolbar to bring up the settings and press ‘Hide eConsult toolbar’,

  • To bring the toolbar back up, you have to click on the ^ arrow in the bottom right of your screen and then ‘right-click’ on the eConsult ‘e’ and press ‘Show the eConsult toolbar’.

How do I restart the toolbar if I have closed it?

To restart the toolbar, click on the search bar (magnifying glass icon) in the bottom left of your screen (the taskbar). Search for 'eConsult toolbar' and click on the toolbar application to start the toolbar.

The toolbar is running, but I can’t see it

Find the eConsult logo in the Windows system tray, which is the group of icons in the far lower right of the screen. It may be tucked away under the ‘up’ arrow.

Right-click the eConsult logo, and click “Move Toolbar back to centre”

Do I need a webcam to use instant video consultations through the toolbar?

Using a webcam is highly recommended. However, you can use your own smartphone too.

You can do this by entering the patient's mobile number first and clicking 'Invite'.

You can then enter your own email address or mobile number to invite yourself too.

I'm unable to access post consult messaging from the toolbar.

You might have entered the wrong Practice Message ID or eConsult ID - these are case sensitive.

If you have any questions or you feel that this article could be improved, please feel free to give us some feedback by emailing us, pressing the emojis below or using the chat button on the bottom right-hand side of this page to speak to one of the eConsult team.

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