Exporting and Uploading Smart Inbox eConsults
How to export and upload eConsults into the clinical system from the Smart Inbox
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Delivery Options

The eConsult Smart Inbox allows you to see all the eConsults immediately after they have been submitted in one Inbox, for more information see here. This means that you no longer need to rely on MESH or NHS mail for the delivery of eConsults.

At the moment when using the Smart Inbox practices can select from one of three options regarding delivery method:

  1. Smart Inbox only

  2. Smart Inbox and email delivery

  3. Smart Inbox and clinical system delivery (MESH)

For the first option choosing to have delivery via the Smart Inbox to save the eConsult into the patients record you can either use the integrated eConsult toolbar or you can export the eConsult and then upload it into the patient's clinical record.

For option 2 and 3 both involve dual delivery and practices triage using the Smart Inbox. You will need to use your current SOPs in terms of uploading the eConsult into the clinical system. This will be by:

  • downloading the report that has been sent by email or

  • matching the eConsult to the patient if delivered via MESH to EMIS, Vision or SystmOne.

Exporting the eConsult

eConsults can be exported by any member of the team and can be exported even if the eConsult is locked by another user. To export the eConsult PDF from within the Smart Inbox simply press the ‘Download’ button as highlighted in red.

This will download the PDF onto your practice computer and you’ll receive a confirmation in the bottom left corner once the download has been completed.

The downloaded file will follow this naming convention: PATIENT SURNAME NAME_DOB_eConsult reference number

Uploading the eConsult to the clinical system

Uploading the exported eConsult will depend on the clinical system that your practice uses. Please click on the button below depending on your clinical system for a guide in more detail.

Clinical system delivery

By using the eConsult toolbar integrated with either EMIS or SystmOne you're able to save the Consults directly into the matched patient's record in a couple of quick steps from within the Smart Inbox. For more information please either select EMIS or SystmOne.


Where does the eConsult download?

The file will download onto your computer in the download section of your drive. To find the files head to the File Explorer and then to the Downloads section.

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