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Messaging in the Smart Inbox

In the Smart Inbox, your practice has the ability to respond directly to your patients after an eConsult. To make this as easy as possible, we have built the messaging panel at the bottom of the consultation view.

Clicking into this messaging panel will expand the messaging view and allow you to use the full range of response options available.

In the top right corner of the messaging panel, you can select the method of communication of response, and in the top left corner, you can select from pre-created templates.

You can respond directly to the number submitted by the patient or proxy in the eConsult, or you can add an alternative number to respond.

Templated responses

To help with practice efficiencies and allow you to respond as quickly as possible we have created some templated responses that you can amend before sending. In the future, you will be able to add your own templates.

Viewing sent messages in the Smart Inbox

Any sent message will show at the top of your consultation panel - this gives you quick visibility of the latest updates regarding the patient’s consultation.

Successfully delivered or failed messages will be marked as such.

Exporting messages as PDF

Any messages that you send to the patient from the Smart Inbox will also be included in the PDF generated when you click the 'Export as PDF' button. If further messages are sent after the point the PDF is generated these will not be included in the generated PDF, however, a new exported PDF can be generated.


Will my sent messages be saved to the patient record?

At the moment you are able to 'Export as PDF' the eConsult and this includes any messages sent to the patient at the point that the PDF is generated. Users can also copy the message and paste it directly into the clinical system. Once we are live with interop in the Smart Inbox, you will be able to quickly save your messages to the patient record.

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