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How the Smart Inbox Preview version works and how to get access

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Details about the Smart Inbox Preview

The eConsult Smart Inbox is a collaborative way of viewing, managing and responding to your eConsults.

The Smart Inbox Preview displays all the practices eConsults and communications via the Smart Inbox for 48 hours before being automatically deleted, for access to the full version please sign the T&Cs here.

Accessing the Smart Inbox Preview

Once the Operations Team has given you access to the Smart Inbox Preview you can access it via the browser:

Users can login through the browser using their SSO or via an alternate email address.

Upon logging in users will be notified that they are using the Smart Inbox Preview version and that all the data and activity will be deleted after 48 hours.

There is also a yellow banner above all eConsults and in the messaging section reminding users this data will be deleted and how to get access to the full version.

Using the Smart Inbox Preview

The Smart Inbox Preview version displays a duplicate of the eConsults that are being submitted to your practice via your traditional delivery method (email or clinical system delivery). This allows you to continue processing your eConsults as usual but also test and try using the Smart Inbox including all the great features - messaging, triaging and signposting!

We really recommend testing the following steps (you can always submit an eConsult for your practice test patient to try!):

  • Downloading and uploading to record (view the links below regarding integration with SystmOne and EMIS in the full version)

  • Messaging - including creating templates

  • Using the sorting, searching and filtering to help triage the patients most in need first

  • Enhanced save to record directly from the Smart Inbox, contact the Operations Team for a demonstration

For more information on the features please see the following help centre articles:

Feedback and next steps

Any questions or queries please get in touch with the Operations who can help out! To get the full version please sign the T&Cs here.


How can I access the Smart Inbox Preview?

To get access to the Smart Inbox Preview simply email the Operations Team on We will need to know your practice details and any user emails that you want access.

How do I get the full version?

It’s really easy to get access to the full version where eConsults are saved rather than deleted every 48 hours. To get access please sign the T&Cs here. Please note that you will only be switched to the full version following a confirmation email from the Operations Team, after the T&Cs have been signed.

What is the difference between the Preview version and full version?

The full version contains all the same features but it also includes the ability to save the eConsults directly into EMIS or SystmOne! With the full version all the eConsults are saved and not deleted after 48 hours meaning that original eConsults will be visible alongside replies by patients to queries if used. We can also switch off your traditional delivery method meaning that there are no more duplicates and all eConsult activity is within the Smart Inbox.

Why is the data deleted after 48 hours?

At present the T&Cs and policies signed by practices and patients allow eConsult to store data for 48 hours.

What happens if I have sent a text/email or added comments to an eConsult?

You can use the messaging features (SMS and email) within the Smart Inbox Preview and also add comments but you must copy these over as these will be deleted after 48 hours.

What happens if I forget to copy over?

Unfortunately due to the T&Cs and policies signed by the patient and the practice all data and activity is automatically deleted after 48 hours, we are not able to retrieve therefore it is crucial it is saved. If you are worried we recommend signing the T&Cs and experimenting with the full version as we can switch on dual delivery.

Why should I use this?

The Smart Inbox Preview is great for understanding the Smart Inbox and getting an idea of how it could benefit your practice. It allows you to test SOPs and consider how to collaborate with other team members. The Smart Inbox Preview also allows you to train your team prior to getting access to the full version.

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