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Multi-user collaboration in the Smart Inbox

How multi-user collaboration works in the Smart Inbox

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Multi-user collaboration

We know that users in your practice or eHub will be sharing access to the Smart Inbox and we want to ensure that there is no duplicate work being done and that you have transparency when other clinicians or admin members are working on an eConsult. The multi-user collaboration feature means that you can easily see who is working on an eConsult to ensure you can work efficiently and quickly with your practice and eHub colleagues!

What is multi-user collaboration?

This feature allows you to see in real-time who else is working on an eConsult in your Smart Inbox. It supports your practice and eHub all working together at the same time and if another member at your practice or eHub is working on an eConsult you will not be able to edit the signposting section.

Users will still be able to see the eConsult and any comments or activity already saved. They can also send text messages or emails and export the consultation as a PDF while an eConsult is locked.

When another user is working on an eConsult the summary card has a lock icon.

If you click into the consultation, you will see that the signposting section tells you who is currently editing the consultation.

There may be times when it is necessary to override the consultation lock, for example, if someone has been called away urgently whilst changing the signposting section. To override simply, click where indicated and you will see the following confirmation message:

You should then click Yes, continue to override the lock. The person who was previously editing the eConsult will get the following message message, to let them know that they are now looking at a read-only version of the eConsult.

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