Smart Inbox and EMIS Web integration

Step by step guide for using the Smart Inbox via the EMIS integrated toolbar

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For more information on the Smart Inbox and how your practice can start using it please head here.

What is the EMIS integrated Smart Inbox?

The Smart Inbox integration with EMIS allows you to save the eConsults directly into the matched patient's record in a couple of quick steps from within the Smart Inbox! Saved into the patients record in EMIS is the eConsult PDF and Ideas, Concerns and Expectations (ICE) data. To use the Smart Inbox with EMIS Web integration you must have the eConsult toolbar.

Accessing the Smart Inbox from the toolbar

Once you have downloaded and configured the toolbar you can access the Smart Inbox by simply pressing the envelope in the middle of the toolbar, this will open the Smart Inbox in full screen. If you load the toolbar and do not have the Smart Inbox icon or are struggling with the EMIS integration please contact the Operations Team (

Saving the eConsult to the record

Once you've opened the Smart Inbox from the toolbar there are two easy steps to save the eConsult into the patient's record:

  1. Auto-match or match the patient

  2. Save to record

The first step is matching the patient, 85% of the time the patient will be auto-matched. Auto-matching occurs when there are at least 5 matches of patient identifiable data. If patients are auto-matched this will be displayed at the top of the eConsult and within the eConsult it will also say Matched.

You can find out more information about the match by clicking on the green Matched button.

Following the auto-match it is really simple to save to record by just one click! Simply press the save button (floppy disk logo).

If the patient is unable to be auto-matched - maybe they submitted the wrong DOB you will need to manually match. In this case on the eConsult at the top you will see Matching error. In this case you will see a pop up appear to enter the patient's EMIS ID and then you can match them and save to the record.

Saving to the record can take around 30 seconds, you do not need to remain in the Smart Inbox while it is saving. Once the eConsult has been saved into EMIS you will see the date and time stamp. In EMIS you will need to refresh the patient's notes for it to appear.

Once refreshed you’ll see the eConsult PDF saved into the patients records including the ICE data.

Please see this video to see the whole process in action. For any questions please contact the support team either by using the live chat in the bottom right corner or emailing

Saving messages to the record

Just like the eConsult PDF and Ideas, Concerns and Expectations data, the email or SMS communications are also saved separately into EMIS when saved to the record for more information see here.


My toolbar doesn't have the Smart Inbox envelope icon

If you've been added as a user for the Smart Inbox and you can't see the envelope on the toolbar, please check that your EMIS email address matches the email address that you've been set up with on the Smart Inbox!

If they do match, please contact us via live chat in the bottom right corner.

Error message when saving to record

If you receive an error message saying ‘Failed to save eConsult to record’ please contact the Operations Team by using the live chat in the bottom right corner.

My eConsult is not bringing up matches

The most likely reason is that the eConsult submitted doesn't match the patient data in EMIS (specifically the patient name and date of birth). If this is the case please use the following guide to upload the eConsult into EMIS manually. It might also be that the patient submitting is not a patient at the practice, for more information on managing eConsults that have been submitted from patients not registered at your surgery please see here.

‘Patient not matched’ in orange is not visible

Please ensure EMIS is open and logged in on your computer. You will also need to ensure that the toolbar is integrated with EMIS, please see here.

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