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Our Status Page

We know how frustrating it can be when the technology that you rely on goes down. Often, it’s something that can’t be predicted and that we work hard to resolve quickly, to minimise disruption to you and your patients.

To improve our ability to monitor the service, and how we make you aware of disruptions to our service, we’ve implemented a web page and notification system:

Please visit this page and take a minute to sign up to be notified of any incidents.

How to sign up for notifications

In the top right-hand corner, there is a 'Subscribe to updates' button. Here you can pick how you want to be notified - email, SMS (text message), or by following us on Twitter. You can also visit our support site if you have any questions.

If you have chosen to get an email notification, you'll receive a confirmation email to the supplied email address. You need to click the confirmation button on this email before you will be sent any updates or warnings. If you don't confirm this within two weeks, we will resend the confirmation and then wait another two weeks before deleting your pending confirmation.

You can unsubscribe, amend or re-subscribe from this page whenever you would like.

If you have any questions or you feel that this article could be improved, please feel free to give us some feedback by emailing us, pressing the emojis below or using the chat button on the bottom right-hand side of this page to speak to one of the eConsult team.

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