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Patient how to: Submit an eConsult from the NHS App
Patient how to: Submit an eConsult from the NHS App

A step by step guide to sending your GP practice and eConsult from the NHS App on your mobile phone

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Send an eConsult via the NHS App

  1. Open the NHS App.

  2. Login to the NHS App with NHS login, or enter your details to register for NHS login.

  3. Click on 'Advice' in the menu at the bottom of the App.

  4. Click on the 'Ask your GP for advice' option.

  5. Tick the box to let eConsult use the personal details (e.g. name, email) from your NHS login account.

  6. Select if you are asking for help for yourself or your child.

  7. Select the appropriate condition type for your needs.

For questions relating to the NHS App, including any support about accessing or logging in to the NHS App, please visit the NHS App support page:

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