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Patient how to: Request a sick note / fit note from your practice
Patient how to: Request a sick note / fit note from your practice

Where to go to request documentation from your practice

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You can use eConsult to request documentation from your practice, for example:

  • Ask about recent test results

  • Request a fit note for work or other reasons

  • Request Maternity Exemption Certificates

  • GP letters

  • Medical reports

  • Medical Examination letters

  • Other documents

  1. Go to the 'I want administrative help' section

  2. Read the disclaimer and accept the privacy notice

  3. Confirm who you are submitting for (yourself, a child, someone else)

  4. Confirm that you are not requesting advice or treatment for a medical problem

  5. Use NHS login or continue as a guest to populate your own personal details

  6. Confirm your registered practice and personal details (if not using NHS login; only available in England)

Select which administrative issue you need help with:

The questions you will then be asked will change depending on which option you have chosen.

Fit notes for 7 days or less

If you expect to be ill for 7 days or less, your GP won't give you a sick note. But you can still self-certify your illness by completing the statement of sickness form on the HMRC website. Give it to your employer as proof of illness and to claim your Statutory Sick Pay (SSP).

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