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How to successfully implement eConsult into the Practice

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The benefits of a good implementation

eConsult is adaptable for each practice, depending on how you want to use it.

If implemented and used well eConsult can:

  • Cut consultation time – the average eConsult is closed with 2-3 minutes

  • 70%+ of eConsults are closed without the need for a face-to-face appointment

  • Make better use of other primary care services – not all eConsults require GP review, so you can allocate work based on need and expertise

  • Standardised histories are taken from all patients

  • Help improve the care you provide for your patients – prioritise patients in need

  • Improve patient access – let patients tell you their symptoms when convenient

  • Reduced telephone call volume and queues

Planning for the arrival of eConsult is important and the time you invest in the implementation process will allow you to understand where the platform can make the biggest impact and deliver the outcome you are looking to achieve.

Our recommended 4 step marketing technique

Training all of your staff, communicating to patients and updating your website all have a role to play and we recommend the below 4-step marketing technique as a minimum:

  1. Ensure all of your staff have completed the eConsult training and submitted an eConsult. Your staff are the best form of marketing to your patient population. Make sure they've done the online training and submitted a test eConsult so they know how it works.

  2. Use your practice website to navigate patients. Upload the banner to the front page of your website and make it as visible as possible. You can also add banners to as many pages as you like!

  3. Send your patient population a text message to introduce the service and let them know how you want them to use it. Let them know that you're implementing a new contact route that they can use in their own time and that will save them the telephone queue.

  4. Change your answerphone message to signpost patients to go online if they are in the telephone queue.

Appoint a Practice eConsult champion

An eConsult champion will be a member of staff that has the passion to lead on making eConsult a success. Your nominated champion will:

  • Receive regular reports to check on progress

  • Monitor staff training needs

  • Lead on promoting eConsult

  • Find ways to get the message to patients

  • Liaise with the eConsult team who will always help look at ways to improve service

Why not speak to the Transformation Team during your planning and mobilisation journey? They have worked with over 1,000 practices and have significant primary care experience alongside their eConsult knowledge. Contact

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