Joining an eConsult webinar (via Livestorm)

We use to create engaging live and on-demand webinars

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Our webinar platform,

We've chosen to use, an interactive webinar platform for several reasons:

  • It's browser-based, so there's no software to download on practice computers.

  • Anyone who registers but misses the webinar is sent a recording to watch it back in their own time.

  • It has rich reporting capabilities so that we can get better insights as to which webinars you enjoy and engage with.

  • It's very user friendly - not only for you as attendees but for us as hosts.

Over 80% of previous webinar attendees have rated the 'ease of use' and 'registration' as very good or excellent.

We host a number of different kinds of webinars:

  • Live webinars, at set times and frequencies.

  • On-demand webinars, accessible at any time.

If you'd like to suggest a specific webinar topic you want us to cover - please feel free to suggest one here.

Registering for webinars

It's easy to register for one of our sessions. We ask you to provide your email address and a few other details as part of the registration process.

The reason we ask for these details is that sometimes we have to report on webinar attendance, and so this helps us to know who is registering.

We strongly recommend that you register for any of our live webinars even if you are unable to attend - you will still be sent the recording afterwards so that you don't miss out.

Your link to join the webinar (if you are registering for a live event) or to watch a pre-recorded (on-demand) webinar, will be shared with you via email within seconds of you registering.

We send reminder emails about upcoming webinars before each event, and you also have the option to add a calendar invite straight from your registration confirmation email so you don't miss the event.

Example email reminder about an upcoming webinar

A few things to note about our webinars

  • Your link to watch will be shared with you via email within seconds of you registering.

  • Please note the email will appear to be from eConsult Health Limited

  • Your link is unique to you - please don't share it. Colleagues can register to watch the event in their own time. Only one person can join with each link.

  • Optimal browsers are suggested in the email, alongside the ability to add the webinar session to your calendar.

To avoid any issues with firewalls we recommend the commissioning body's IT team follow the guidance for whitelisting Livestorm here.

Joining a webinar

We recommend that you click the joining link before the event starts so that you can make sure you don't have any issues joining.

Troubleshooting joining issues

If you do have any issues, please run a connectivity test (either from within the room, in the top right of the below screen, or by going here). You can also check this guide to help troubleshoot.

If you see an infinitely loading circle please check with your IT team for help.

Joining the webinar

Before a webinar starts, you'll see this countdown screen:

Once the webinar has started, our webinar room will look something like this:

A few things to note about our webinar room

  • If you're having trouble hearing us, you may need to click the screen a few times to activate the sound.

  • You will be on mute and you won't be on camera for most of the webinars we run unless explicitly stated.

Interacting on webinars

There are several ways to interact with us during webinars - primarily from the options at the lower edge of your screen, either at the centre or on the right-hand side.

Ask a question

If not already open, click the 'Questions' icon on the lower right-hand side.

Here you can ask a new question or see which questions have already been asked. The response from the eConsult team will appear underneath. If someone has already asked your question, you can 'upvote' an existing question!

Answer a poll

Polls are questions that can appear during webinars and are a good way to get involved with the webinar as it's happening.

Share your reactions

At the bottom of the screen you have the 'React' button - use this to let us know how you're feeling about something you've just heard! Pick the emoji that works for you.

After the webinar

After the webinar, we'll ask you to fill in some feedback about the webinar. This helps us to understand how we can improve our webinar content going forward and see if there are any other topics we can create.

You will be sent an email shortly after the end of the webinar with a link to the recording so that you always have a copy. The email will also contain other useful links, so we recommend reading it!


I can't get into the webinar room

We recommend you try joining the webinar by clicking on the link that is sent in your confirmation email. This will give you a good idea of any potential problems. If you see an infinitely loading circle please check with your IT team for help as this may be a firewall issue.

You can run a connectivity test (either from within the room or holding screen, in the top right of the below screen, or by going here). You can also check this guide to help troubleshoot. The bottom of our emails also contains recommended browsers. You can also try to join from your mobile phone or tablet, although we appreciate this is less than ideal.

If you have any questions or you feel that this article could be improved, please feel free to give us some feedback by emailing us, pressing the emojis below or using the chat button on the bottom right-hand side of this page to speak to one of the eConsult team.

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