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What are eConsult Lite templates?

We know that not every patient can use eConsult, however, it can help a practice if every patient request that comes into the practice comes in the form of an eConsult. We call this an 'eConsult Lite' (eLite or e lite) - you don't get the full depth of detail that a patient might submit, but it provides a much richer history when taken over the phone.

When should you use eConsult Lite templates?

These clinical system templates have been built by Practices for Practices to allow receptionists to complete an eConsult with patients who are unable to do so online, via phone.

The receptionist or care navigator simply ask the patient each question contained in the template. All the questions are free text with additional tick box options. The receptionist or care navigator then saves this template to the patient's record and adds the patient to the appropriate list, e.g. a telephone triage list.

The clinical team, having selected the patient from the appointment screen, will then see all of this collected information. This is a lot more than would normally be entered within a patient appointment note.

How to use eConsult Lite templates

The eConsult Lite templates might look something like this, depending on your clinical system.

How to download eConsult Lite for your clinical system

The following templates and protocols are .exe files. You will be unable to use or view them outside of the clinical system as they are designed to be uploaded to your clinical system. If you're having issues adding them to your clinical system, please speak to your IT contact for support.

What is the difference between a template and a protocol?

The protocols automate the running of the templates. The protocol will prompt the receptionist to ask questions and navigate through the template. The protocol will work as a smart button once activated (F12 key). The receptionist, once the protocol has been completed, would then add the patient to the usual telephone triage list.

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