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Sending a message and saving it directly to the patient's record

Please note that this feature is currently rolling out and is in the first instance only available to practices with EMIS Web.

EMIS users can save a text-based response to patients (email or SMS) into the patient record. From the eConsult toolbar, click the 'Message' icon to open the email and SMS post consult response options.

Remember, you'll first need to follow these steps to connect your EMIS instance to the toolbar.

In this scenario, we're going to email the patient, Marge Simpson, and save the message to her EMIS record. You can see that the patient has been recognised as being the currently active record.

You'll then need to enter the 6 character post-consultation message PIN shown on the eConsult report. Not sure where to find the consultation PIN? See it here.

You can then write your email response to the patient. You can either choose to write your own message or amend one of the provided template responses.

Once you've written your message, you can review the content. Remember that you might want to include a self-help link using our Healthinote search bar.

Once the message has been sent, you'll be prompted to save the response to the patient record.

You'll need to confirm this action using the below screen.

The below confirmation message will show that the message has been successfully saved to the patient's record.

This is how the saved message will appear within the EMIS record.

Remember, you'll first need to follow these steps to connect your EMIS instance to the toolbar.

Saving a response by copying to the clipboard

The alternative way to save the message to the patient record is to send the message following the above steps and then 'Copy the message to clipboard'. This allows you to paste the response into the clinical record and save it.

Whilst we work on the ability to save the response directly to the patient record for all clinical systems, this is the only way to save your response.

Future developments

  • We're looking to develop the ability to save the response into other clinical systems, primarily SystmOne and then Vision.


Which types of responses can I save to the patient record?

At the moment, you can save any text-based response to the patient record - this means you can save an email or SMS response.

Does the saved response code anything into the patient record?

No, at the moment the text that has been sent to the patient is the only thing that is saved and recorded into the patient's record. No READ or SNOMED coding is saved.

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