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Support for Internet Explorer (IE)

Microsoft Internet Explorer has reached the end of its supported time by both Microsoft and NHS Digital.

As a result, eConsult will be unavailable via IE. This is because we are unable to provide the features and security needed to provide a positive, safe experience for users.

If you're still using this browser to access eConsult, you need to switch to a modern alternative such as Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome.  Please see the NHS Digital guidance on the Standards for Web Products here.

Anyone (patient or healthcare provider) trying to access eConsult platforms through Internet Explorer will see the below message:


How do I know if I'm using IE as my browser?

When you go to open your browser, the logo should tell you which browser you are about to open.

Is there a warning to let me know I'm using an unsupported browser?

We let users know that they are on an unsupported browser and that we suggest using an alternative, recommended browser via a warning screen If a user is using Internet Explorer, we inform users that they cannot use the service at all, and also suggest an alternative, recommended browser to use. You will need to check or ask for support from your IT team about which browser to use instead.

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