How to manage eConsults in SystmOne

There are two ways that eConsult reports can arrive into S1

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Receiving eConsults directly into S1

Please note, you will need to configure some settings in SystmOne prior to receiving eConsults in tasks (interop).

As part of the interop, eConsults are delivered directly into SystmOne's Task list as ‘Unassigned Tasks’

You'll need to right-click on the patient's name and select ‘Action’.

This will then transfer the eConsult into the patient record (Document Management system).

The eConsult report can then be accessed via the patient record and will look like this:

If you would like to test receiving eConsults directly into S1, please email

Receiving eConsults to your practice's email inbox

What to do when an eConsult arrives in your practice's generic email box or directly into S1.

Save eConsult attachment as a PDF in a folder on your computer

Find the patient on the system, open their record and add the read code of XaX2B

(‘alert received from telehealth monitoring system’).

Click on the attachment indicator

Select the document you have saved

Attach and save in the patient's record

Add eConsult (clinical or admin) to the appointment book as normal.

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