1. Right-click on the attachment and select ‘Save target as’ to save the completed template in a folder on your computer.

2. Go to Vision and open the Consultation Manager.

3. In Consultation Manager, click on the 'Patient’ icon to find and select the right patient.

4. In the patient consultation, click on ‘Add > Select Attachments’ from the drop-down list

5. The Attachments box will now be open at the bottom of the consultation window. Click on the ‘Attach’ button within this box below.

6. In the window that opens, navigate to the saved eConsult in Step 1 and click 'Open'.

7. The eConsult is now ready to be attached to the patient record. Make sure ‘Type of Attachment’ is set to ‘Other Attachment’ and that the word ‘eConsult’ is written in the ‘Summary’ box. Finally, click 'OK'.

8. Add read code. 9G6 “Alert received” into the ‘Read Term – Add’ box at the bottom of the consultation. Click enter and the full read code '9G6..00 Alert received from telehealth monitoring system' will appear.

9. Click ‘OK’ to add the code to the consultation

10. Add eConsult (admin and clinical to the appointment book)

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