Benefits of clinical system interoperability

What is interoperability?

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Interoperability (interop) is when eConsult reports are delivered directly into your clinical system.

Interop reduces the steps required to match and integrate eConsult reports to patient records.


  1. Improved administration efficiency - up to 90% versus delivery of eConsults via email.

  2. Improved image quality of photographs submitted by patients.

  3. 'Majority' of patients automatically matched to their clinical record.

  4. Increased patient confidentiality - eConsult reports go directly into the clinical system/patient records versus an email attachment being downloaded and saved to a folder on a desktop.

  5. Reduced human errors - emails can be moved or deleted and an eConsult report matched to an incorrect patient.

  6. Zero reliance on NHS mail service.

To find out more on interoperability with your clinical system please select the appropriate link below:

If you are interested in the delivery of eConsult reports direct to your clinical system please contact

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