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What is the Smart Inbox?

Our Smart Inbox will be a feature-packed, AI-driven inbox optimised for triage speed and accuracy that can be used at single practice or at scale.

  • Simple and easy to use solution to visualise, prioritise and manage your digital queue from the browser

  • eConsult native workflow tool that leverages our best-in-class history collection to increase clinical safety and efficiency

  • Streamlined triage with self-setup rules and/or AI triage recommendations engine

  • Interop out-of-the-box with your clinical system allowing for saving to record, allocation to a slot, resources rota sync, etc.

  • Customisable to cater to the unique needs of the Practice / PCN / eHub

  • Control centre to administer the tools available, allowing you to easily create or amend views, tagging, workflow status etc

Benefits of the Smart Inbox

We’ve heard your feedback about improvements you’d make to eConsult. We’ve brought them all on board - with our Smart Inbox you’ll get:

  • Visibility of your ‘queue’ including urgency, condition, separation of clinical and administrative requests and a centralised place to see all activity

  • A way to triage quickly, cleverly, and in bulk

  • Control over how you want to set up your inbox and your eConsult settings

What will the Smart Inbox do?

Take the eConsult management out of the clinical system to release constraints

  • NHS Mail single sign-on

  • Full clinical system integration - including SNOMED coding

  • Save all actions to the patient record

  • View all eConsult consultation history and messaging

  • Auditable trail of activity across the practice

Allow deeper customisation by practice staff, in real-time

  • Dedicated inboxes

  • Workflows and routing including demand management rules e.g. access hours, redirections, local services

  • Tagging

  • Filtering and sorting

Allow you to prioritise eConsults

  • Review key information

  • Acuity prioritising

  • Time since submission

AI-driven recommendation engine

Advanced Messaging from the eConsult toolbar

  • Practice controlled two-way messaging via email or SMS

  • Synchronous contact via video, telephony or seamless switching between the two modalities

  • Batch SMS

  • Configure your own messaging templates

Insights dashboard - access to live data

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